Enrichment is so much more than a walk or a game of fetch...so what else is there? Let me show you!

A tired dog is NOT necessarily a happy dog.

The common adage, "a tired dog is a happy dog," is not entirely accurate. In reality, a tired dog is just that—tired. A more appropriate saying would be, "a content dog is a happy dog."

Excessively exercising our dogs to the point of exhaustion is detrimental and neglects many of their other needs. It can lead to increased levels of frustration, anxiety, and disrupt their ability to relax or sleep well.

A thoughtful enrichment routine specifically designed to meet a dog's individual needs will build confidence, deepen your relationship, reduce the onset of problematic behaviors, and help your dog feel content at day's end. Ultimately, with a thoughtful enrichment routine, you'll be providing your dog with a much higher quality of life.

It's not hard to do, this course will teach you how!

What you'll be learning...

This easy-to-follow mini-course reviews EIGHT distinct enrichment categories, essential for understanding your dog's needs and the corresponding activities to fulfill them. 

The course's video demos and printable resources will assist you as you integrate the learned information and activities into your dog's everyday routine, paving the way for a tailored enrichment plan.